Mike Saffitz

About Mike Saffitz

Hi there, I’m Mike Saffitz, and I make things happen on mobile devices and the web.

I’m the Co-Founder & CTO of Apptentive, which helps mobile developers get better ratings, more downloads, and higher user retention in under 15 minutes through the use of rich user feedback and engagement tools.

I build software to exacting standards with rich UI powered by jQuery and Backbone, and robust backends using Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, and cloud providers such as Heroku and Amazon Web Services.


As an Innovation Lead at Conceivian, I led a team of program managers, developers, designers envisioning, building, and launching innovative web creations for clients.

Prior to Conceivian, I was a Program Manager at Microsoft responsible for the Windows Phone 7 multitasking model, as well as developer tools and experience. During this time I was frequently invited to speak on mobile development at conferences in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Before Microsoft, I managed technical operations for the Computational Biology and Informatics Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioinformatics.

I have a MBA with honors from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. I double majored in Computer Science and Mathematical Economics from Pomona College.

I live in Seattle with my wife, our twin daughters, and our Shar Pei Quasi. I enjoy recreation at every altitude: skiing, hiking, sailing, and scuba diving (in order of decreasing atmospheres).

Thanks for the interest. Please say hello at m@saffitz.com or via the phone at 425-773-5573.